Methamphetamine use and manufacture has reached epidemic proportions in New Zealand and the financial implications for property owners and businesses is huge. P Alert MK3 is the only patented meth alarm in the world. It detects the smoking and/or manufacture of methamphetamine in real time and sends an alarm to a nominated mobile phone. P Alert also detects meth levels in properties where use or manufacture may have occurred in the past.

E / S /R Tested

All testing on P Alert Alarms is carried out by the institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Laboratories – is a crown research institute that provides services to a range of NZ and international government agencies and private corporations.

The forensic expertise of ESR is utilised by law enforcement agencies around the world including the FBI.


How does it work?

The alarm detects the airborne precursors of meth in real time. A stand alone modem will promptly send an alarm to us.  [MORE]

Can it be tampered with?

Although the P Alert MK3 Alarm is virtually impossible to tamper, it’s fitted with two tamper alarms. [MORE]

Why P Alert, what makes it so unique?

The P Alert MK3 Alarm is the only patented meth alarm in the world. The P Alert MK3 Alarm is manufactured in New Zealand. [MORE]

How much does it cost?

P Alert MK3 Alarm:  $599 incl GST
Road Block Alarm: $599 incl GST

What is the cost of monitoring?

Monthly fee $30.00 inc GST ($360.00 inc GST/Year). Includes SIM connection (20 Texts/Month), Monitoring of weekly and alarm texts converted to email, annual service including clean and battery change. [MORE]

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